Name Description Weekly traffic Subscribers
adventofcode All about 0 91
announce For announcements of releases of projects, libraries, and other Clojure-related things! 70 2678
beginners Getting started with Clojure/ClojureScript? This is the place to ask questions! 7 2613
calva Everything related to the VS Code Clojure extension family of Calva. Be it support, complaints, praise, contribution, whatever. 0 90
chlorine Discuss Atom's socket-repl Chlorine package -- 0 30
chrepl A Chrome extension that injects a ClojureScript Figwheel repl into webpages 0 21
cider development, bug reports, help, beginners, anything to do with CIDER. Also welcome inf-clojure, clojure-mode. 0 165
clj-commons A stream discussing clj-commons, 0 69
clj-kondo 1 66
cljdoc Discussion around — Feedback, suggestions and ideas welcome! 0 66
cljplot-dev Insight / discussion about cljplot development 0 42
cljsrn clojurescript + react native 0 50
clojure 7 2679
clojure-austria For Clojure enthusiasts from Austria. 0 14
clojure-boston Anything where the Boston area and Clojure intersect. New discussion home for Boston Clojure Group Meetup. 1 24
clojure-brno For Brno Clojure Community: 0 10
clojure-china For Clojure enthusiasts from China, Also see 0 14
clojure-conj Chatter about Clojure/conj 2018 (and beyond). 0 52
clojure-czech For Clojure enthusiasts from Czech Republic 0 16
clojure-days Public chat for the attendees of Dutch Clojure Days ( - CFP Now Open: 0 25
clojure-dk Danske Clojurians 0 10
clojure-finland For Clojure enthusiasts from Finland, see also . 1 45
clojure-france 0 29
clojure-houston Connecting Clojurians in and around Houston, Texas, U.S.A. 0 8
clojure-italy Italian speakers Clojure channel 0 13
clojure-losangeles For Clojure discussions relating to the Los Angeles area. Also see the Meetup at 1 22
clojure-newyork Parenthesis wrapped around the big apple, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and upstate New York. 0 24
clojure-nl The Dutch Clojure community 5 25
clojure-north A stream for the newly born Clojure/North conference. 0 18
clojure-portugal Local stream in Portuguese 0 9
clojure-sanfrancisco Clojurians in the San Francisco Bay Area 0 17
clojure-slovakia The Slovak Clojure community 0 4
clojure-stl Saint Louis (Missouri, USA) area Clojure enthusiasts 0 12
clojure-uk 0 47
clojure-vancouver-bc Clojure Developers in Vancouver BC 0 15
clojurescript ClojureScript, a dialect of Clojure that compiles to JavaScript | Currently at 1.10.439 0 2623
clojutre-scicloj-meeting Organizing a data science meeting at ClojuTRE 2019 0 29
closh Talk about shell and clojure - 0 44
community-development For all things related to building a better community 0 79
conjure 0 26
crawler Discuss about using Clojure for web crawler. 0 23
Crux 73 103
data-science 59 448
data-science-course-tlv Discussions stream of a local Clojure data science course we are about to begin in Tel Aviv: This group will be used mostly by the course participants. However, reading these discussions maybe be useful to other community members, too. Course materials will be shared here as we progress gradually. 0 62
datahike 0 78
datomic 0 120
dda-pallet 0 8
defnpodcast All about the Defn podcast. See and 0 69
Emacs or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Emacs 0 187
engineering Everything related to the beautiful craft of (software) engineering. 0 120
events Announcements and discussion of Clojure-related meetups and conferences. See [this topic]( for stream details. 0 992
fulcro A library for development of single-page full-stack web applications in clj/cljs, 0 92
garden 0 26
general 1 2687
gorilla-repl Discussions around Gorilla REPL: studying it, using it, and considering possible extensions. Note that this stream was opened by an entusiastic user, and not the library maintainers. Relevant links: Project website: (watch the videos to see some beautiful composability ideas!) Original repo: Actively maintained repo: Clojurescript+React frontend: Additional libraries: 0 43
Graalvm Graalvm and substratevm 0 79
heartofclojure A place to mingle, chat and make plans around Heart of Clojure ( 0 26
honeysql Discussions about the SQL DSL that is 0 55
inside-clojure-journals Journal posts from InsideClojure while working on Clojure 0 59
jobs 1 231
JUXT Support and help related to all JUXT projects 0 114
metaprob A Clojure-embedded language for probabilistic programming and meta-programming. 0 31
mxnet Clojure package to the MXNet Deep Learning Framework 0 62
new members For welcoming and onboarding new members. If you haven't yet, introduce yourself in a new thread using your name as the topic! 1 2620
off-topic Any discussion that doesn't seem to fit in another stream 0 2638
ohmyclj Standalone Clojure scripts with ease -- 0 19
online-community Planning some online community building stuff 0 14
onyx 0 21
org-mode About using Clojure (ob-clojure) in Emacs Org Mode. 0 65
Otarta For discussing [Otarta](, an MQTT-library for ClojureScript 0 13
other languages Discuss languages other than Clojure 0 44
otplike Erlang OTP for clojure. 0 17
papers-we-love Papers we love in the Clojure community 0 138
r-interop discussions around Clojure->R and R->Clojure interop 2 51
rectangle-tutorial discussing 'The Rectangle Game' tutorial by generateme 0 11
saite-dev Discussing development of Hanami & Saite 0 34
scicloj-tutorials A task group for working on clojure data science tutorials 0 103
scope-capture For discussing the scope-capture library ( 0 22
shadow-cljs ClojureScript compilation made easy! 0 129
slack-archive unidirectional mirror of Clojurians-Slack channels 4500 585
Spacemacs Discussing the effective use and configuation of the Spacemacs community driven configuration for Emacs 0 80
speculative 0 30
sql For discussions related to `org.clojure/java.jdbc`, related SQL/JDBC libraries, and database "stuff" in general. 0 93
tabular-structures Here we discuss various libraries for representing and manipulating tabular data-structures in Clojure. R has data.frame, DT::datatable, tibble::tibble. Python has pandas.DataFrame Clojure has several interesting libraries that offer similar data structures. We will mention them as separate topics under this stream. 0 63
tel-aviv discussions of the tel aviv local meetup group 0 15
tooling Everything about tooling the development processes. 0 138
vim 0 63
walkable 0 29
web-scraping Use Clojure for web scraping, crawler, etc. 0 61
zulip For discussing Zulip, Zulip tips and tricks, and asking questions about how Zulip works 1 2640